Single Use Food Packaging

For this post, the only successes I have experienced so far are getting Frozen Yogurt and Subway zero waste. But YAY!

frozen yogurt toppings.jpg

I have gone into two different frozen yogurt places and asked “I know this sounds weird, but would I be able to bring in my own container? I don’t want to use one that I’ll just throw away.”
Usually the person is caught off guard and says “Uuuuhhh I think soooo?”
One guy told me that the only problem is that my container could be heavier than theirs so I may be paying for more yogurt than I’m getting. We weighed it and it was SUPER close! So I totally did it (and of course I had my reusable spoon with me).
The second guy said “Yeah, just make sure to weight it before you start adding yogurt and toppings!”

So feel free to try this at your local frozen yogurt place, and make sure to refuse their plastic spoon. 😛

Subway Ingredients

Most recently, I just went to a Subway near me and I brought a Tupperware that would fit a 6″ sandwich. Near the end of the sandwich building process I said, “Umm, and some mayo. And could you possibly just put it in this container instead of wrapping it up in paper? I don’t need the paper.”


She said yes! They also offered my a crap-load of paper napkins, to which I politely refused and said “That’s okay, I don’t need those either! Thanks though.”

I know these are weird and random things to be ready for! However, if you can anticipate the places you’re going to go in the near future, try to bring your own container and see what you can prevent from going in the trash. Reduce the demand!



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