What do you do about bread?

I love bread. Mmmmm bread. And I am super duper excited to share with you guys how to get it (almost) waste free! I do this to avoid the single use plastic bag and plastic bag closer. You know, those little plastic square things.


Bakeries! They are in almost every large grocery store. I go to one in a Von’s near where I live. I walk up to a baker and say “Hello! I was wondering if I could order a loaf of bread and have you guys put it in my cloth baggy instead of a plastic bag? I don’t want to use plastic.” Each time so far they say “Oh! Yeah that’s fine, sure!”


I got lucky the first time; a cool guy took my bread order and I picked it up without a bag OR a sticker.
But this second time I got a sticker. I guess it’s necessary for the cashier to charge me, haha. My solution to the sticker problem is putting the sticker on a small harder cardboard surface that I can take with me when I pick up the bread. That way, I can verify with the baker that the sticker I have is the sticker that will charge for that type of bread loaf. That way I don’t need a new sticker every time I get the same type of bread. …. make sense? Ha, I know it sounds confusing…

It does take some time. The first time I ordered my bread I was told to come back the following day. But the second time I ordered, I got it in about an hour to an hour and a half. The loaf was so warm and freshly cut! OH it smells so good.

I encourage you to check out your local grocery store and see what goods they have package-free! Vons and ExtraMile have donuts, Vons has bulk bagels… FoodForLess has a (unfortunately really tiny) bulk selection!

Vons Bulk Bagels

Again, doing weird things like this in public is hilarious to me. I get small from-the-corner-of-their-eyes looks of curiosity and confusion. It’s great. It’s great because I am getting people thinking, “Why is she doing that? A cloth bag? What’s in there? Oh bread… maybe she’s one of those plastic-free weirdos…” Though people’s thoughts and reactions may be critical or negative, this exposure is the first step to changing their thinking and giving them ideas.



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