Showering Zero Waste

Showering is so relaxing! Depending on what is inside your shower.

  • How many bottles of weird solutions and soaps do you have in there?
  • How many are empty?
  • How many do you think will actually be recycled?
    {My boyfriend’s shampoo bottle is #2, so I found that in 2015, almost 74% if #2 plastics were recycled. Pretty good number! Still, the remaining 26% were sent to landfill.} Source: Recycling Rates in CA
  • How many do you think you have bought and will buy in your lifetime?
    {I found that the number is almost 200.} Source: Human Foot Print
  • I bet we don’t even want to think about how many disposable razors one person buys in their lifetime. How many?!
  • And ugh, how many brightly colored loofas or scrubbers with plastic handles and bristles… (just use a washcloth)

Whoa, too many questions.

To avoid contributing to the plastic plague while keeping up with my hygiene, I made a shift and started buying unpackaged bars. A store called Lush is my new favorite. They sell shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and regular body soap, among other things.
I simply walk in, get a bar or two, and say “I don’t need a bag, thanks though,” when I check out.
They also sell reusable stainless steel containers, square and circle, that the bars fit into. I have two.
Whole Foods sells unpackaged bar soap and probably most farmers markets have a vendor that sells bar soap.

Here are my shower accessories.
Looks like I need another shampoo bar!

Going through this simplification process, I have realize that I do not need a million different potions in my shower. I only feel the need for a bar for my face and body and a bar for my hair.
I have some “shaving soap” that Lush sells in a plastic container which they encourage customers to bring back for them to reuse! I love that.
Lastly, my FAVORITE! My reusable safety razor. It is stainless steel and very simple to use. I can replace the steel blade when it gets dull and they are recyclable. I still have to find a place that takes them though. ;P

I think I can still simplify by doing without the shaving soap and the conditioner bar. We’ll see!



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