How have I not talked about BAGS yet?!

BYO reusable bags guys! (And check out the bag monster, it is so great.)
Those plastic baggies are SO terrible. Oh look, another plastic item that has arrows in the shape of a triangle with a number in the middle.
Bags can be high density (#2) or low density (#4). 2015 #2 recycling rates (not exclusively plastic bags) were almost 74%. Cool! But 2015 #4 recycling rates were 1.5%. Source: Recycling Rates in CA

Plastic baggies are apparently super hard to recycle. They gum up and slow down or break the machines. Because of that, many communities do not accept baggies to recycle.
Don’t you go thinking “oh okay I’ll just use a paper baggie.” You are cutting down millions of trees. Source: Bag Monster.
Let’s avoid the single use items and opt for eco-friendly reusable bags!

Now, this is not free pass to grab ALL THE FREE REUSABLE BAGGIES you can get your hands on. Whoa, calm down, dude you only need maybe five. Preferably, ones made without plastic. There are great cotton ones. Better yet, use some hand me downs from friends or family that have too many.

Here are mine.
6 bags, one ChicoBag (the super tiny one on the left that is always with me),
and one sweet basket that my mom gave me for 2016 Christmas!
SO farmers market.

Working at a retail store, I am so sad that we still give out plastic bags. Shoot, I would still be sad if we gave them out even if we charged for them. I wish the bag ban affected retail stores too. So, I try to make whatever difference I can.
When I am cashiering and the transaction is almost done, I say to them, “Can you do without a bag today?” And to my surprise many customers have a great attitude and say “Heck yeah I can!”
If they say “No, I need a bag,” I give them a bag.
I also obviously give them a bag if they have a million things.
Sometimes though, a person will come in and use their own reusable bag! I make sure to compliment them on it and say that we love to see the reusable bags.

Bags are still everywhere, even with the bag ban. You have got to be diligent almost everywhere and catch them right as they are about to bag your item! Haha.
“Oh! No thank you, I don’t want the bag please.”

Lastly, I need to address those pesky produce baggies. We don’t need em. You’re going to wash your produce anyway… right? Just use one of your reusable baggies.
A very influential person in my life took an interest in my efforts and graciously decided to help me out. She bought me some reusable produce baggies from ChicoBags! They are amazing, and they are also always with me just in case.

Look! There are three rolled up bags, each for different types of food.
They fit in that small red drawstring bag.

When I am caught without a reusable bag, I use what I can. Pockets, arms, sweatshirt pouch, etc. Make two trips if I have to. I will never use a plastic or paper single use bag ever again! Will you?



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