To Go Containers!

Whether it be styrofoam or plastic, it is just another silly convenience that we can easily get around. We soooooooo do not need it.

I like to bring a flat rectangular Tupperware container with me everywhere I go, just in case. I know it sounds silly but I am getting really good at avoiding single use disposable to go containers. Even when I forget my container sometimes when it is possible I just carry my food out… (I had a slice of pizza left). Don’t judge me! Haha.


I know, I know, my Tupperware is plastic! OH NO! Here is my logic. I’ve had ’em for forever. They are reusable. I am not going out to stores and buying more plastic Tupperware. I have not done that for years, and I never will again. But since I have it, I am using it for this purpose. It is light weight and convenient for my efforts.

And yo, guys, please understand that recycling styrofoam is NOT the solution. The arrows in a triangle with a number in the middle does not assure recycling success. Styrofoam containers are often refused at recycling centers due to food contamination. It’s best to avoid these containers and use your own reusable one, especially because the building block of styrofoam (styrene) is anticipated to be a human carcinogen.
See this article for more specific information: About Styrofoam!

Also please understand that with anything plastic (like plastic containers), recycling is not a solution either… it is kind of a cop-out. Depending on the area you live in, recycling rates are so-so. Yes, recycling is a great idea when done thoroughly and successfully. However, my efforts ensure that regardless of recycling success rates, I am decreasing and coming close to eliminating my addition to any materials that are not successfully recycled and instead sent to landfill.

It is way better to reuse than to recycle. With recycling, you never really know what is going to happen. With reusing, you are always 100% sure!



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