Straws! **Yuck** Refuse.

Straws Suck!
Yeah, but fortunately they are SO easy to get around.

Everywhere I go (usually restaurants) I simply refuse my straw. The server will ask “Can I get you guys some drinks?” and I say “Yeah, could I please get a water, but with no straw?” They usually look at me for a second while it registers, but most of the time they politely say “Sure thing!” Sometimes they giggle or smirk, but they still leave the straw out and that is all I care about. 😛

One person told me “I worked in the restaurant business and I know how dirty those cups are! I’m not putting my mouth on them. I NEED a straw.” And to that I say NOODLES! I was greatly inspired to buy my own stainless steel reusable straws (they are kind of difficult to find second hand). I will forever and always use them. My inspiration came from one of the most heart-breaking videos on Facebook right now: a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose. They get it out, but the process is terrible.
If you need that inspiration for yourself, here’s a link to the shortened video. I don’t think I could ever watch it again.
Sad Sea Turtle Straw Video

I gave my boyfriend a straw or two in case he ever was in a place where he could make that choice and remembered that he had a reusable straw. I have two more in a drawer in my apartment. My most important one, I carry in my bag always! I bring it out at restaurants and bars, and when people see it sometimes they ask me about it! Bonus. I get to tell them how silly plastic single use disposable straws are, and how they can hurt animals like that poor sea turtle. It gets them thinking!

My Straw.jpg

Lastly, my boyfriend and I recently went to California Pizza Kitchen and when I asked for no straw, the server asked “So, what is that about? The no straw thing? Because another couple of people came in here earlier and also requested no straws in their drinks.”
We got to tell him about our small but mighty efforts to reduce our waste in order to help the environment. My smile was impossible to break that night.

So next time, and every time after that, politely say NO STRAW PLEASE!



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