Forks, Knives, Spoons, OH MY!

Plastic cutlery is another challenge that has reared its head toward me in my zero waste efforts. AAAAAND FOLKS we have another simple solution. I bet we all have a good amount of extra forks knives and spoons. I do.

Solution: Carry a fork, knife, and spoon with me at all times. Not that hard.

my silverware.jpg

At my work, there always seems to be a box of plastic forks for people to use for their lunch. I easily avoid this by having my own reusable fork. This is a small shift that I have made among others that has made a big difference for me.

Even though eating in a place that gives out plastic cutlery usually means they are serving their food in plastic containers (yeah I am not perfect at this yet and I still often give in to packaged food), usually you can either ask them to NOT give you plastic utensils or you can simply walk by the utensils they have on a counter and use your own. And there is still a difference being made.

Some people have shown me plastic utensils that are biodegradable or made from natural plant plastic or something… My issue still lies with the single use / disposable problem, not to mention the packaging they¬†come in.



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