Waste Free Blog Post #1!

Waste free is hard, and to some people it seems impossible. It still seems impossible to me! However, that does not mean that we shouldn’t do what we can. I’ve been greatly inspired by Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson. Their Ted Talks are so cool. They have been living waste free lifestyles for a long time so they are pretty darn good at it. Me on the other hand, I am pretty bad at it. But I think it’s really fun! And even though I’m not perfect at it, I know that there is a difference being made because of my efforts, no matter how big or small. This blog is mostly for my mom (who said that I should start one about waste free living) and also for myself so that I can track my progress and see how much better I can get at this. If anyone else stumbles across this blog, hello! Take a look around, and maybe you’ll find a post that you like. (:


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