Cups! BYO.

Almost everyone loves coffee, myself and my boyfriend and my mom included. We love getting Starbucks, and when we go to my hometown we love our local coffee house even more. HOWEVER, we could not even try to imagine how many single use disposable cups are utilized and tossed because of our caffeine addiction. Not to mention the plastic lids.

The solution? BYO! Bring your own in. A lot of coffee places actually give you a little discount for bringing in your own cup. Bring in a regular mug or a reusable to-go cup with its lid. If you don’t have a cup with a lid to reuse, try seeing if you can “borrow” (keep) an extra one from a friend, or try looking for one at a second hand store! If worse comes to worst, Starbucks obviously sells reusable cups that you could purchase and use for a long time.

I just say “Yeah, could I get [blah blah blah latte], in this cup please?”

I have a couple reusable coffee cups (shown below): two Starbucks cups that I bought myself early on in my zero waste efforts (one hot one cold), one hot Starbucks cup that my boyfriend’s mom gave me, one hot cup made of plastic that I got for free in Hawaii (that I now know I should have refused, but it is my¬†lightest one so I always carry it with me), and another hot cup that a tutoring student gave me for the 2016 holidays, plastic free!


It is honestly silly to me, having so many coffee cups. I really only need one or two, and so do you. The convenience factor that disposable single use coffee cups offers should never outweigh our prioritization of our planet. The plastic cups and lids never degrade and go away. They are either down-cycled only once (if they are lucky), or they are forever in a landfill. When I go on walks or runs where I live, I see them EVERYWHERE! Thrown into bushes or along the side of the road.

I have stopped contributing plastic and paper cups and lids to the landfills. It is such a simple and easy switch, and I am proud of myself for doing it. I am proud of my boyfriend for putting up with me bringing a cup for him too. I am proud of my mom for allowing my efforts to make their way into a couple of decisions she makes each day.



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